The Zero-Like Challenge: Why Chasing Viral Trends Isn’t Sustainable for Creators

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Muhammad Ahtisham
3 min readApr 13, 2024
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Have you ever watched a TikTok or YouTube video offering a lucky commenter a chance to win a brand-new iPhone 15 Pro Max or some other amazing prize?

The catch? Your comment needs to get zero likes.

It sounds weird; don’t you think it is?

That’s the latest social media trend, and while it could grab attention, it might not be the most effective strategy in the long run.

We’ve all seen our fair share of ridiculous claims and sensational headlines online, let’s face it.

These strategies may initially attract people to click or comment, but can they result in real interaction and a genuine following? Perhaps not.

It’s true, that more interactions and views usually lead to more chances and possible earnings.

Therefore, it seems fascinating to follow a trend like the “zero-like challenge” when it starts.

Going viral has an undeniable attraction.

It’s amazing to think that millions of people could see your work and it would become popular.

But following every trend that comes up might be a surefire way to fail, particularly if you want to establish a long-term career in content creation.

These “zero likes for a prize” giveaways might not be the ideal choice for the following reasons:

Consider it this way:

A person may view a video just to leave a comment and maybe win something.

This content alone may not increase their interest.

This type of engagement is temporary and does not result in viewers who like your work returning for more.

Creating useful content is where the true magic of content creation is found.

This includes content, streams, and videos that inform, entertain, or inspire your viewers.

It all comes down to establishing a relationship with viewers who find your message meaningful and keeping them coming back for more.

Indeed, there is a chance that some “cringe” stuff might become popular.

However, sustained growth from that initial surge of attention is rare. It’s exciting, but in the end, it's unsustainable.

Here’s why it makes more sense to concentrate on valuable stuff:

· Builds Trust and Loyalty: You build viewers’ trust when you provide information that they find interesting, educational, or helpful. They are likely to enjoy, share, and subscribe to your content because they see you as a valued resource.

· Attracts the Right Audience: Focusing on high-quality material in your expertise helps you draw in people who are interested in what you have to offer. This makes the community around your work more active and encouraging.

· Sets You Apart: When surrounded by gimmicks and trends, valuable information is easy to spot. You establish a reputation for having a particular quality that viewers can count on.

That being said, this won’t stop you from experimenting or enjoying trends in the future.

However, avoid making them the only thing on which your content creation approach is focused.

Keep in mind that the objective is to develop a long-term career rather than just following the latest internet trend.

So, the next time you brainstorm content ideas, ask yourself: “Does this provide value to my audience?”

If the answer is yes, then you’re on the right track to building a successful and fulfilling career as a content creator.

Focus on quality, build trust, and let your creativity shine—that’s the key to standing out in the long run.



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